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We Talk Sound

Hey guyssssss!!!! Exciting news .... 'We Talk Sound' launches today!!! Guys I know I've been away for way too long, currently immersed in so much, learning new things and they are tasking and demanding. I can't even promise I'd be... Continue Reading →

This Basic Stuff X WITs

How una dey (How are you guys) !!!!!  It's been a while..... Right about two weeks people... Make una no vex (please don't be angry).  I really don't know where I'm picking this pidgin vibe from but then mission accomplished.... Continue Reading →

Bowels of Mercy

Hello people!!!!  How are we doing? Awesome I trust! Isn't it funny how we just don't want to do some things, because we aren't comfortable doing them. Too often we just want to stay in our comfort zone, do our... Continue Reading →

Afro X Green Tomatoes

Hey guys,  how's our week going. Mine took a pretty drastic turn. Remember in my last post,  I said something about the Aluta brothers and sisters. Well the Union's  action has earned us a seven weeks break.  Even though there... Continue Reading →


Hey dearies!!!!!! It's been forever !!!! Ikr. Life has been happening tbh! I can't even point out something that has been taking up all my time besides school. It's been pretty crazy. We are warming up for the semester's exams,... Continue Reading →

Five Faves

Hey guys, how are we doing.... I've been pretty excited all day. It's kind of odd,  I spent all morning and part of my afternoon taking out my braids, with some help of course. We discovered a mango tree somewhere... Continue Reading →

Pretty Girl? 

Heyyyyy Guyssss!!!  How's Easter going for us??? It's Easter Monday, and I think I'd be indoors all day. There's school tomorrow 😢😢😢. There's this picnic I should attend though, guilt might eventually make me go. It's gonna be a very... Continue Reading →

Floral x Green Trees

Hey guys!!!!! It's Easter!!!! 🎊 🎊 🎊  I'm grateful for the weather and life. It's been raining more frequently lately, I just really want the heat to subside.  In a bid to spice up this space, I decided to do... Continue Reading →

Perks of Being Natural

😀😀😀😀😀😀 Really, how are you guys? Its not mid week yet, but I just wanted to do this post. We'll be discussing natural hair.  Quickly, I'd just be sharing five interesting things about keeping natural hair.  Unlike what so many... Continue Reading →

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