It’s the last day of the year,  and everyone is going on and on about how much they’ve achieved and how much progress they’ve made in 2016.

Well…. Looking back at the First day of this year,  I had no resolutions at all.  But I had hopes and things I trusted God to help me achieve. Honestly for the most part it felt like I didn’t get as much as I hoped for, the things I really wanted I didn’t quite get them.  But that’s not to say I didn’t get the things I needed.  I absolutely have all I need and I can’t be more grateful. 

The biggest thing for me this year has to be the fact that I’ve stretched myself,  expanded my capacity and pushed my limits hard.  I took up very tasking responsibilities, got involved in so many things, found myself,  made awesome friends,  met cool people and finally, I  was able to realise that all that I’ll ever become positive or negative starts from right now, the decisions I make, the steps I take, everything counts! 

2017, I’m dropping motivation, and I’m just going to do things. That includes this blog.

Stay Trill.