Hey guys… How are we enjoying the new year? Awesome I hope. 

So I just thought I should document my 2016 hair journey.


-I’m not a product junkie, at all.  I just do basic stuffs like shampoo, moisturiser/conditioner, water and that’s about it. 

-Combing my hair is never a priority, hence I try doing twist-outs, bantu-knots, flat twists etc 

-75% of the time,  my hair is in a puff/bun (all time favorite), it’s just easy.

-if you’re natural you should know this…. Never comb your hair while it’s dry. 

My hair is still pretty short,  as a matter of fact I don’t think my hair really grew, at all… Or maybe it did. Lol… I don’t know. 

I absolutely now have a thing for pictures,  it’s official 😂 !!

I’ll be talking about my hair more often,  because I intend try out more products for the first half of this year, and get more creative. And of course better digitals. 

Hope you enjoyed viewing…. 

Happy New Year!!!