This post is just to show you guys how you can rock a very simple protective hair style with your natural hair😊.

I had carried twist-outs for two weeks!  First, I was too lazy to do anything to my hair then I had malaria for a week.  When I got out of that I just washed the twist-outs like that, and then,  took them out.  Moisturized and weaved in chunky braids without combing. Of course when the hair was dry I couldn’t comb it because it was still super tangled. This didn’t bother me anyway.

I got tired of carrying my hair like that and, then  I started attempting to comb my hair every morning. I finally combed my hair out on Thursday and In a bid to avoid picking my hair every single time I touch it, I decided to do flat twists and I like the way it looks. So if you’re having a bad hair day, this is something super easy you can do to your hair. You can accessrorize with a bandana or any hair accessory you have. If you have very thick hair you might want to get some help while you’re at it. My hair isn’t long and is averagely thick, so I can style it myself and do a bunch of other things myself. There’s no limitation though, regardless of your hair type.

Church was awesome today, as always, great worship. My favorite songs right now are: The Anthem -Travis Greene, and I’m absolutely in love with Andra Day’s- Rise up. What songs are you feeling lately?

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Have a fulfilling week guys!