Hey guys!!! 

How are we doing?  Hope we’re pumping 😊.

My last post was about flat twists, this post is also about flat twists but with a lil twist😉…. I think I have a thing with twists.

This is something simple, didn’t take so much time and I think the flat twist makes it look more interesting. And yeah it looks like I didn’t put enough effort considering how ‘straight’ the line is.

I decided to braid and wrap the ends because, I tried out the puff and didn’t quite like the look (well it just made me look younger… Lol… I don’t even know exactly ) but I  have a picture of that on my instagram page:@ebunalabi. This is just a minimal version of the two buns. 

Let me know what you guys think about this😊😊😊. I love reading your comments. 

P.S I have a pictorial coming up… Stay tuned!