No face… 😂

Hey guys! 

I hope we found church awesomely interesting today. Well I did. 

I’m sure by now, we probably all think this is just a natural hair blog and hair, hair, hair.  That’s not true, I’ll like to tell you guys this is a lifestyle blog, and I’m looking forward to creating awesome contents for you guys. 

So i decided to share with you guys, what I wore to church today. First I’m your typical last minute girl, I hardly think up what I’m suppose to wear until it’s morning (I’m not proud 🙈 of this). However I try…. 😂. I absolutely love black and white, and I still have my minimal hair look. 

Some people still think wearing pleat skirt is not chic or trendy. I remember this time I went to my cousin’s house, when he saw me in the skirt he just kept laughing calling it ‘mama in Isreal’ skirt. But C’mon I love this skirt and it’s super comfy. It’s not about the skirt, it’s more about how I wear the skirt. And that’s what you call your style. That shirt is my favourite shirt right now, lace sleeves 😍. 

Just because it’s pretty funny 😂 😂 😂 

Guys brace up! I’d be showing off my tailoring skills here a lot😜😜😜. I didn’t create this outfit though it’s just something I thought I could share as my first outfit post. 

Quote of the week:                                               What do we train for?  War!                               Why do we fight?  To win!                               When do we quit?  Never!  (culled from a movie: Pixels)

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