Hello people! πŸ˜€ 

I trust our week has been fine. 

This has always been on my mind, doing ‘THE AFRO LOOK’ that I can actually go out with, without feeling self conscious or having to look into any readily available reflective surface. I mean, there are times I’m not so sure of how I look, and once I step out of the house I’m occasionally using my phone as a mirror, looking into every car window, every reflective door and there’s always this great sense of relief anytime I run into a door with a mirror-glass or something…. I’m like yes!  Let me see what I look like now o.. Hope this hair hasn’t shrunk…blah blah.  To save myself all this wahala….. I just stick to simple styles like; flat twists, twist-outs, single bun etc.  I just feel safe and more secure with these styles, if you get what I mean😜.

Big hair don't care

I took a brave step today though 😊😊😊. Did flat-twistouts last night and took them out this morning, and I had the fro!  I once asked my sister to buy me ecostyler and she came back with gel-curl activator, I was pissed cause last I checked ecostyler and gel-curl activator are two different things that do not even sound alike. I found good use for the gel though, it did nothing to my hair really, than condition it: made it easier to work with… So I used that while doing the flat twists.

It never really dried up, so I experienced a massive shrinkage later on (in about an hour or so, but was ample enough time to take pictures πŸ˜‰), even the fro was shrunken.  Every time I put my hand in my hair, it felt like a foam that got soaked in oil and didn’t get properly washed…a greasy feel.  Over all, I love the smell.

Big hair, don't care.
Lol… Big hair don’t care…

The day went well, I wasn’t  as insecure and self conscious and all… I was feeling myself o😊😊. Until I got back home and my mum asked me, “why are you trying to look like a mad person?” Likeeeee… 😑😑😑😑😑?! Old people will never understand. Does she even realise that people buy weave-ons just to get the look.  Argh Let me just carry my hair however I please. 

Don’t let anybody kill your shine!!!! Or touch your sweg 😜, as the case may be. 

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