Hey guys!!! Hope we’re good, awesome, positive and lit!!! πŸ˜€

I’m very excited to finally put up the pictorial I promised last week, here.  I was already planning to do this post, because I’m trying to stick to my Sunday postings, then my friend Pribodunke (y’all should totally check her out,Natural hair x Style blogger)  told me about the #yellowsisi challenge. I was just lamenting to her about how expensive everything is now, attachment, hair products, powder etc. The hike in price right now isn’t even encouraging at all, and that’s why a lot of people are forced to find alternatives these days.  I think this challenge was perfectly timed, so I made my entry today, and I just wanna walk you guys through the whole process. I styled this look myself and didn’t use anything besides Shea butter and coconut oil and I think you can do without them. With water and your basic hair cream, you’re good to go. You’ll want your hair to be clean though, product build up doesn’t help.

Products Used(if you’re on a tight budget like I am, this should make you happy 😊😊😊) 

Shea butter + coconut oil – I melted the Shea butter, I just placed the container In hot water. Then added coconut oil. You’ll want to have more Shea butter that coconut oil, because at room temperature coconut oil is liquid,  Shea butter still stays solid. Except you want your mixture to be in liquid form. 

Water (in a spray bottle – aka an old perfume bottle 😜😜😜) guys you really don’t have to buy everything, you can improvise, really.

1. Sectioning and flat twist.

With the Shea butter mixture…

I needed to stretch out the back section of my hair somehow,  so I decided to do flat-twist outs.  You guys know you can also do braid-outs, cornrows, bantu-knot outs etc. And of course,  you can also stretch/straigten your hair using a flat iron/hair straightener. I never use artificial heat though , to avoid heat damage.  You will want to ensure your hair isn’t dry, I was constantly spraying water while I was doing this. I had three sections in front, because of the style I had in mind.

2. Twist-outs (Mid-front section).

I wanted curls to drop down my face! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰  There’s just this bridal/elaborate feel that comes with it. Twisted with my Shea butter mixture and water. My camera makes me happy sometimes, I’ve been taking all my pictures with my phone. And my sister does a great job too, at taking these pictures.

Hair hack
😜😜😜…looks weird but….werks!!!

I bet there are better ways, but I had to improvise. This total works!  Trust me, it does. And that’s a free hair tip for you guys. This straightens the curls and I had it on all night. So when I took it out, I had my curls dropping down my face😊😊, and it was all shinny and on fleek. I used bobby pins too. You’ll want to ensure you moisturize this section well enough, knowing that the wool sucks out some of it, just have enough for your hair and the wool😊😊.


Curly hair
Phew…. After all the hard work…

3. The side detail 😊

My favorite part, I was very confused on what to do here. But I just wanted something I had never tried before. That’s Flat-Twist In five sections. Couldn’t capture this stage well enough. But I’ll definitely be doing another post on this or a variation of this. 

Final Look!!!

Final look!  Natural hair
…disregard the facial expression πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Just because I can, and I did… Two looks for you guys!

#Look One: Roll and tuck (Please forgive all the bobby pins) πŸ˜‡

#Look Two: Curly bangs x Puff (remember I did flat twists to stretch out the puff)

I hope you guys find this post helpful. Patience is key, take breaks if you want.. I did. Could get tiring, but beauty is pain. Follow me on instagram @ebunoluwalabi for more pictures.  Feel free to use all the social media buttons below. Leave comments, about what you think of this style and questions too, I love reading them. Don’t forget to share with your friends.