Hey guys,  it’s been an exciting yet stressful week for me. How’s yours going?  School has been pretty tight…… Like for real… 😂  *sigh*. But I’m dealing with it. This is just a road trip.  And I really just wonna talk to you guys about fabrics and the current state of things in our Nigerian markets. 😐
I was at the market last weekend, and it’s not longer news that Nigeria is in a major recession right now, and with our Naira’s value dropping everyday, every thing is now about twice it’s original price. It’s so annoying, and I was pretty pissed to realise that the shampoo that was #900 before, is now #1900 and the leave-in conditioner is now #1750 from #900. I’m seriously considering mixing my own hair products now, until I get a job or some reliable source of income😢. Which just brings back to my mind; work hard-play hard. That’s just hair products,  with hair extensions, it’s right about the same story. Summarily everything I wanted was very expensive. Except fabrics, or maybe the sellers were just being super nice. 

For all the DIY cloth makers, you’ll have to agree with me that, fabric shopping is the second most exciting thing about cloth-making, it comes right after the finished outfit. Nothing beats that. This is always very exciting for me and I absolutely love buying fabrics. Went around to my favorite spots in the market, got a couple of free gifts too…. Aspa ‘customer’😀😀😀.  I told one of the store men, that I write a blog about natural hair and fashion…that I was going to do a review for him if he gave me something for free…. Elh oh Elh 😜😜😜😜😜. Well he did, I got a very beautiful floral print fabric, and I’ll do the review 😊, as promised😂😂😂😂.

Here are some things I think every potential shopper should keep In mind:

  •  Know your fabrics!                               Satin, Chiffon, Duchette, Cotton, Silk, Polyester, Net,  Lace etc. You really don’t want to come back home with Net when you intended to buy Lace, if you don’t know what the difference is, you just might end up with the wrong fabrics and wrong ideas about them. Truth is some of the market people really don’t know some of the fabrics they sell. They’ll just tell you it’s sample, “Aunty na stuff, sample material,  dey just bring am come”.
  •  Have a clear picture of what you want in mind, and what you want to use the fabric for. 
  • Feel free to check as many stores as possible .
  •  Compare prices: some prices are standard though, chiffon is about #300 per yard now. 
  •  Focus! 
  • Be nice and friendly: I’ve come  to realise, a lot of people respond positively when you are nice, calm and just ask for things nicely. When they feel like they are helping you With something important, you’ll actually enjoy the whole thing, they even come up with ideas for you. 
  •  Don’t be in a hurry: there’s no point going in the first place, if you’re just gonna rush out again.  Except you already have sth specific you want to get.
  •  Try to frequent a particular spot: build a customer relationship with some stores, that way you build trust and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to swindle you. Except of course, it’s just their nature. Lol. 

P. S: guys I’m in between a very serious academic session, hence the inconsistency 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈.

I hope you guys found this article helpful, feel free to share with your friends. Like and comment 😊😊😊, I find them very encouraging.  And yes! it’s @ebunoluwalabi on instagram and twitter.