Heyyyyy Guys!!!!??? I’m typing this for the second time, and I’m typing with anger…. Lool…. I looosttt the first draft!!! 😈😈😈😈 like I was just reading it out to my friend before publishing and then it disappeared….. But the witches of Pablo shall not prevail!


I’m sure a lot of us must have heard about the childish ibadan boy, that spent #3800 on a date and was making a fuss about it on twitter because the girl refused to date him after wards! Apparently he must have been expecting a serious ROI on his investment. 

Everything is wrong with expecting to get something back from someone for anything thing you do for them.  If you do anything for me it should be because you appreciate the friendship/relationship we have and that will definitely be reciprocated over time. I hope he appreciates the 5k more.

Who goes to ‘Ventura’ (based on assumption)  to  watch a movie and calls it a date???  Considering, they paid #600 (which means they went in the morning or something, between Monday and Friday). People really need to grow up.  There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with your friend, especially if you regard the person as one. If you are hanging out with me because you are expecting something deeper at some point, then it’s either you are infinitely patient or you just don’t bother. I mean who has time to waste in 2017?!

I really think people should change this mindset of thinking anything you do for a girl is an investment. Come on, grown people help each other grow, and if you guys actually have something, or actually have potential you’d actually see ways the other person is helping you, even if it doesn’t involve monetary benefits. Some people are just super gifted and smart, and hanging out with them actually changes a few or a lot of things about you for good. And some people are so dim-witted hanging out with them might cost you more than you can pay for. Everything can’t be converted into yogurt and hotdog. People should embrace the fact that anyone can pay, when you go on an actual date, the lady or the man. It doesn’t make you less of a man or more of a woman. How many hangouts  do actual  friends and couples  have??? Quite a number, isn’t it?Unfortunately Pablo couldn’t wait to benefit from this, and he just had to publicly shame himself only to get 5k.  Oma she o. 😒😒

And #3800 is such a big deal?

These are probably the kind of people that turn out into men that refuse to get real jobs (I mean something that has an actual ROI, not necessarily a white-collar job), because they are still waiting to blow, when Jesus comes….. Yinmu (lol @ I spend more than 5k monthly on data…and #3800 is such a big deal???  Smh) , and end up making no money, can’t afford to get their own apartments and get married and start having kids only for someone else to foot the bills.  Boys that parade themselves as men.

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