Monday motivation

Hey guys!!!!!  I totally trust we’re doing just great!  Really how’s our Sunday going?  The day is still young, make every second count. Everytime we can’t finish our lunch or breakfast, even dinner sef….. My mum be like ‘the day is still young… Cover it and eat it later’.  So it doesn’t matter how much time we’ve wasted guys….. What matters is making every second after now count. Amen!  Somebody?! 

I wonder if we all know what we’re fighting for, do we have a dream, a vision, an ambition, a purpose? 

….for epsalum greater than zero, there exist a small positive number, such that blah blah holds whenever this function is less than that small positive number. 

Because I have to deal with a lot of math, this is typically something we constantly run into. And whenever we deal with analysis and we keep saying there exist this there exist that…. It just makes me ask myself, are you the sidekick, the prop. Merely existing? What are you doing for yourself? What are your success metrics?  Is it the amount of money you’re able to garner, the number of souls you impact, or you’re fighting to leave a legacy behind when you’re gone. Whatever it is, let us try to pick a struggle, be relevant, amount to something in life. Live life and Live on. 

To this end, I think it’s important to set goals. Have a vision chart, write down the things you’re aiming  at, put your mind to it, make it your mind sef, confess it over and over. Fight for something.

The world would be a better place if we add to it and not just take from it. No matter how little. 

You’re the real MVP for getting to the end of this article!  Have a purposeful week. Keep it productive guys. We should have another conversation mid-week. 

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