Hey guys!!!!! It’s Easter!!!! ğŸŽŠ ğŸŽŠ ğŸŽŠ  I’m grateful for the weather and life. It’s been raining more frequently lately, I just really want the heat to subside. 

Floral Print

In a bid to spice up this space, I decided to do a style post. Dressing up is kind of a big deal for me, I wear trousers and shirt all week, pretty effortless. Sunday is like the only day I put effort into dressing up, and most times this is usually on Sunday mornings. You can imagine how clumsy that’ll be, especially if you’re trying to meet a 7:30am service. 

I got this fabric about two years ago, I was suppose to do something with it. Like make a blouse or gown, but looking at it now I don’t think I would have wanted it any other way. It’s been a wrapper ever since and I love it. Floral prints like this are very inexpensive to buy. People that know me, know I love solid colors, especially black… I have a couple of plain tops, but this one I love. And it was a gift from my mum. The shoes are the only strap heels I own, faithfully serving me for a while now. I decided to add the pearly necklace and ear rings, they were the fastest things I could reach. And phew!……ready for church. 

Who wants a fabric give-away??? 😀😀😀😀😀 Let me know what you guys think. Follow Ebun on ig, twitter and facebook @ebunoluwalabi. Happy Easter people! We rejoice because, Christ died for our sins and rose again, share the light with someone today. 

PS: There will be a new post by midnight people, let’s check back at that time. 

📷 : Ife (second sister)….  It’s kinda hard to get someone to cope with ‘Oya take another’….  ‘let’s do five more’.  She’s the real MVP on this one.