Heyyyyy Guyssss!!!  How’s Easter going for us??? It’s Easter Monday, and I think I’d be indoors all day. There’s school tomorrow 😢😢😢. There’s this picnic I should attend though, guilt might eventually make me go. It’s gonna be a very interesting week, I can feel it! 

…this is how Easter Monday is going for me.

Shout out to all the pretty and beautiful ladies that keep up with this blog, y’all are the real MVPs… Like for real. I didn’t think I was going to end up having to write about this, but as we would have it, I just couldn’t hold this back. I’d be sharing with us two scenarios here, I hope you guys stick with me. 


…..at the salon.                                                       Ebun: mummy Mary, how much will you take to do my hair o?                                            Mummy Mary : Aunty pay $$$$ ?              Ebun: Ahn Ahn…. Why that serious na? Abeg cut am small.                                        Mummy Mary : shey you know you have two sources of income???  ( at this point, she lost me for a bit)  mummy and daddy go drop, uncle too go drop (here she meant boyfriends and maybe sugar daddies…). 

This I found very disturbing, considering the fact she had children my age… And she was right there insinuating it was okay for her to charge me so much just because she thought I had boyfriends that where furnishing my life. It’s the same thing with so many other people, even if I had a boyfriend, why do you think it’s okay for you to extort me, just because you think someone else will bear the grunt?


 About two weeks ago, I saw a tweet that read 

“any girl that uses a phone worth more than 30k,  didn’t buy it with her money… She’s a whore”

I can no longer locate this tweet, I never thought I’d  actually write about this so it never crossed my mind to screen grab it. 

But just last night a lady shared a tweet 👇 👇 

…Totally agree with the reply she got.

And I decided I’d do this post. Where will I even start from????  Lol. 

First, if the extent of your success is dependent on the level of success of another human, then at what point will you ever be able to point at something you’ve achieved or done for yourself? What if you want more? Do you really have that much patience to wait uncertainly on something you have no control over? Is it really a risk worth taking?  Have you thought of the option, where you are doing stuff for yourself and it doesn’t really matter if something extra comes along, and if it does all well and good. These and many other questions I asked myself, when I read that lady’s tweet. I actually thought people had gotten over this whole boyfriend and phone issue…. A lot of people are actually starting their own businesses, running stuff for themselves, like they really appear to be progressive….hearing things like this just sound strange to me. And I don’t think any woman should measure her worth by what another man is. You can be so much more with or without a man, you just gotta believe in yourself and actually get things done (hey, I’m not being feminist or anything, I just think thats a pretty progressive line of thought, I mean men are important, and we can hardly do without them). It’s great to get gifts and have people do things for you, let’s face it, no one can really do everything themselves. Don’t just capitalise on it. 

That been said, it’s sad some parents or adults actually fail to encourage their kids, especially girls that there’s nothing as fulfilling as having your own success. I know a couple of people still have this school of thought, where they are waiting for the Prince Charming, that will come and carry them abroad, send them to school and clean them up. Whatever happened to doing that yourself, I really don’t know. And not becoming a liability to Prince Charming. Getting married is not the biggest achievement of a woman. Let nobody dictate your pace. Be that pretty girl, with a purpose. 

I really don’t want this blog to become a rant page, but I just can’t help it. Please do share with your friends…. And I hope we enjoy the rest of Easter. It’s still @ebunoluwalabi on facebook, instagram and twitter.