Five things I'm loving lately.
Lol…. Yeah that’s my rough note.

Hey guys, how are we doing…. I’ve been pretty excited all day. It’s kind of odd,  I spent all morning and part of my afternoon taking out my braids, with some help of course. We discovered a mango tree somewhere around my house, so my lil sister and I went mango plucking!!! 😀😀😀😀. While we were at it, a nice man that offered to help was in awe when I told him I was in 300l, this man legit thought I was in ss2!!!😐😐😐 Those are the only significant things I’ve done all day. I’m trying to read for a test I have next week… And it’s just not coming. But why am I excited???  Moving on….. 

I’ve always wanted to do this post, but I lost track and wasn’t paying attention to things, thinking about it now there are actually quite a number of favorite things. So here’s a run down on five things I’m currently feeling. 

  1. The Headset:  I decided to get myself a gift for my birthday, I went to the store and got the NIA headset. So far so good, it’s been an amazing experience, I do not regret putting my money on this. 
  2. Kiss Beauty Soft Matte Lipstick:   I only discovered this today, and I’m loving it! It’s funny how I’ve been to the same store so many times and never thought of picking that up. I just like the fact that, it’s mild, and has no smell. I think I’m liking cosmetics with no scent what so ever these days. 
    Who’s gonna hire me for an ad??? 😃
  3. Trident:  I’d  rather not chew though, but I always try to have something minty in my purse.  You know, just Incase I’m caught with stale breathe or a related situation. It’s harder to talk to people when you know your breathe isn’t fresh.  You should totally consider getting mint though, especially after having raw onion or garlic for breakfast. 😑😑😑
  4. Brooches: I got those Golden Deer Antlers Head Brooches, from aliexpress. They were super cheap, about  50 cents each. Shopping on aliexpress is awesome, however there are some things I’d rather not attempt buying there. Accessories, especially the gold ones are very likely to fade, you should actually expect that of they are really cheap. This brooch has started fading but for the most part it has appeared in a few pictures and I think I’m good. 😂 
  5. CatEye Sunglasses: if you are in Nigeria, you’d have to agree that the sun has been crazy hot, Ibadan has been hot, it’s getting better now though. I just hate having to squint while I’m walking so I decided to buy that. Got it from aliexpress too, now, I think buying sunglasses on Ali makes sense. 

    It’s @ebunoluwalabi on instagram, facebook and twitter. Kindly share and comment too 😃😃😃.