How una dey (How are you guys) !!!!! 

It’s been a while….. Right about two weeks people… Make una no vex (please don’t be angry).  I really don’t know where I’m picking this pidgin vibe from but then mission accomplished. So people….what have you been up to,  I’d really like to hear from you guys in the comment section. Well…. I’ve been sleeping, eating and waking up 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 to the glory of God. Most significantly I’ve been taking courses online, Udacity to be precise and watching movies. The movies part is significant, because I hardly get to watch movies usually. But now,  there’s time and all,  so why not?!  And yeah, I signed up on HackerRank last night 😀😀😀.

This post is suppose to be about something else,  but let me digress a little. Because of my chosen course of study, I’m constantly open to technical talks and seminars.  Most of them usually end on the “oya how many ladies are here?” note. And I don’t think this Gender Schema issue is ending anytime soon. But I can say it’s definitely getting better. Every year, every month, every day, there’s someone thinking about how women can advance in this field, there’s a company trying to bridge the gender gap in its work force,  there are individuals trying to give back and encourage fellow women to take up technical courses. Basically there’s always something going on for women in technology.  The question is, why aren’t women interested. I know this because there are just 6 girls and 48 boys in my class. And the case isn’t even any better in most of the other engineering courses. I have a couple of questions for you guys please find them below. It’s all about how we can advance women in technology.  And WITs means Women in technology. 

Guysssssss, why doesn’t anyone wear these styles out anymore????  😂😂😂😂 only under wigs!  Lol. Washed my hair yesterday, and decided to do this. When I first started growing my hair out, I never wanted to do styles like Suku, All-back, Patewo, Kojusoko… Loooool. I always braided my hair.  I just always felt ‘it didn’t fit me’ kinda insecure about it too…. Lol. But then it’s not that bad. I might not go out like this tomorrow but I already feel like I’m standing infront of the whole world, since I’m talking about it here , so going out shouldn’t be so much of a big deal.  Embrace your natural features 😀😀😀😀😀😀.

Natural hair styles
I did this myself, pardon the crooked Lines. ☺

Guys,  kindly try to give responses to this 👇👇 👇, and what you’ve been up to lately. 😀😀😀😀😀 Plenty Love.  

  1. If you learnt about some interesting technical fields earlier, would you have considered taking a technical course? 
  2. If your parents encouraged you more, would you have considered taking a technical course? 
  3. (For those yet to get into the University) Why aren’t you considering taking a technical course? And if you are, what triggered that decision? 

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