Hey guyssssss!!!! Exciting news …. ‘We Talk Sound’ launches today!!! Guys I know I’ve been away for way too long, currently immersed in so much, learning new things and they are tasking and demanding. I can’t even promise I’d be more frequent, I’m hoping to ‘furnish’ the blog though….you know, better user experience and all. Arghhh…and yes better digital content, which is currently the bone of contention.

Guys WTS launches today!!!!!! I’m really excited about the whole we talk movement, I remember when Dolapo was still talking about all his ideas, his plans for WTS. Watching all of them come to life has been a pleasure. It’s always a great feeling to be able set goals and meet up with them. Below is an explicit description of what WTS is, the We talk series also includes, We talk Business/Tech, We Talk Sports, We Talk Politics, We Talk Art and We Talk Movies. Primarily the platforms are Whatapp based, I’ll include the Whatsapp link to all the group chats. However they are all coming to web one after the other.

We Talk Sound is a music platform that seeks to change the way Nigerian music is celebrated across the web.
The platform aims to bring conversations about music to Nigerians all over the web and social media with attractive, digital content, timely music reviews, polls, analysis, playlists and throwbacks.

Founded by Dolapo Amusat, with roots in Ibadan, Nigeria, the overall goal is to give a voice to everybody in music conversatons. He sees a big picture ahead, where Nigerian music is presented and sold globally to the entire world in the most attractive and celebratory manner.

We Talk Sound (WTS) started humbly as a WhatsApp group of like-minded music-lovers, artistes, critics and producers a year ago, and the community has grown, hosting two music events in Ibadan within the space of one year. Now, they are launching officially on the web as a digital music reviews and content platform, but they have bigger plans.

Dolapo says that very soon, We Talk Sound would launch a music-incubation programme for upcoming artistes, producers and sound engineers, where they are provided resources to produce music and grow, while getting promoted and pushed by the platform. They also intend to launch an online music social-networking application, where music lovers, artistes and other creatives can meet, interact and collaborate. 

They have big plans for the intersection of music and tech in Nigeria, but they intend to move one step at a time. So, follow them on their journey, if you love music, and visit  www.wetalksound.com to enjoy digital music content like never before, and follow them @wetalksound on social media.

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P.S: These group chats are really ‘We Talk’….you’ll always have so many messages.